Real Science
Our fully functioning IVA Astronaut Suit, by Final Frontier Design, was featured in VOGUE. Read more about Ted Southern, 'orbital couture', and the future of spaceflight here.

In a month, we raised 108% of our goal with contributions from 102 backers spanning the USA, Philippines, Australia, Mexico, France, UK, Canada, Denmark, and Poland.
Breaking Barriers
Horizon was awarded the Breaking Barriers Award for Female Filmmakers, the First Annual GiGadgets Technology Award, and the screenplay was named a Semifinalist at the BlueCat Screenplay Competition.
Project Details

Title: Horizon

Social: Facebook, Instagram

Official Site: www.horizon-film.com

To realize her dream of launching into uncharted space, a determined astronaut must choose to leave her humanity behind. The film hopes to grapple with what it means to be human in a rapidly changing medical and digital landscape, the cost of progress, and the desire to push beyond personal limits.
Written & Directed by Nic Yulo
Cinematography by Jorge Arzac
Starring Tehya Jenae, Ethan Itzkow,
Bob Jaffe, and Patricia Lawrence

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